Cooler Master has a variety of different kinds of cases. Ranging from beautifully designed cases meant to fit in any home to the core gaming cases. About three years ago, Cooler Master announced a new addition to their HAF series, namely the HAF X. It was welcomed with open arms by the hardware community and it quickly became a favorite under hardware enthusiasts. It featured the fierce design of the […]

As I am starting to do more reviews, I really wanted to get a card reader for my desktop as I find it annoying that I have to otherwise hook up my camera to my desktop to get my pictures. After some looking around, I decided on the Icy Box Multi Card Reader IB-864-B. I was able to snatch this for the price of about 15-20 euros on Amazon UK. […]

Today we are going to take a look at Antec’s 3x Strength Wipes from their new range of cleaning solutions. These wipes are meant to clean all of your screen surfaces of your devices. Your smartphone, laptop, desktop monitor, you could even clean your TV with it. According to Antec they offer a anti-bacterial wipe to keep your devices clean from germs. I received the 20-pack box from Antec, there […]

The Cooler Master 690 series has been a very successful series over the last few years. They have offered the consumer an affordable, good looking case with good airflow. I will be reviewing one of the newer versions of the CM 690 II, the Black & White Edition. There aren’t many differences with the CM 690 II Advanced (without USB 3.0), except for the white edges to the case, USB […]

Last week I received the Silent Pro M2 850W PSU from Cooler Master. The Silent Pro M2 is Cooler Master’s second generation of the Silent Pro M series. Cooler Master’s objective with this series is to bring an affordable, efficient and quiet power supply to its consumers. The Silent Pro M2 comes in 7 different wattages ranging from 420W to 1500W. Today though I shall be reviewing the 850W version. […]